Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Two statements.

1) “Teenage Caveman” is a terrible film. The dialogue is awful, the plot is silly, its attempts to cover up its failings with pornography embarrassing, its costumes are ludicrous. All in all, it’s a bad film.
2) “Teenage Caveman” is a metaphor for the transformative nature of sexual activity. Adolescents must successfully negotiate this rite of passage from primitive superstition to enlightened self-awareness. Not all will successfully do so, and those that can’t deal with the experience will self destruct or be turned inside out.

The writer writes, but the critic performs. These days anything can be the subject of the critical gaze. What limits the performance? How do you know the real answer is One not Two. When do you know the stack of cushions in the art gallery is a stack of cushions and not a profound statement about the corrupt nature of modern society?

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