Sunday, November 20, 2022

A Man of Heart. The story of Vortigern and the end of Roman Britain.


Precisely between their God and the Devil, heaven and hell, white and black, the man of heart walks through. (Joseph Campbell, The Masks of God).

My version of Laȝamon's version of the story of Vortigern and the end of Roman Britain. 

Currently chasing errant commas in this final proof copy. I am sure they move around when no one's watching. This is the second part of A Presentment of Englishry  and will be published by Shearsman in the UK in January 2023.

Sunday, November 6, 2022

How to get rid of your dragon!

No, you don't call in some sword wielding killer, or grab your weapons, call out the boys and march off hoping for glory or death. First, measure the island of Britain to discover the centre. Then dig a hole at that spot. Into the hole place a container of your best mead and cover it with a cloth. When the dragons have exhausted themselves, they will turn into small piglets and fall on to the cloth, The cloth will sink to the bottom of the container, the dragons will drink all the mead and fall asleep. You can then wrap up your dragons and hide them on Snowdon. Problem solved, No dead dragon, no singed heroes.....