Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Some voices, like the Roman soldier's, were hard to find. Others simply refused to speak. Here are two favourites I couldn't get into the twelve line format. The first amuses me, the second speaks for itself.

1) In 1678 the son of one James Swinerton played the role of Lady Godiva in the Godiva procession. So they dressed up a boy to look like an undressed woman.

2) In 1556, John Careless, a Coventry Weaver, was in prison for his protestant
beliefs. He was temporarily released, on his oath, to perform his role in his craft's pageants: 'The Purification of Mary' and 'The Disputation in the Temple". When it was over "he returned agayne into Prison at the houre appointed"
Two years later, having been transferred to London, he was burned for heresy.

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