Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Reflecting on reflections.

Watching Richard’s film: wondering who is this guy wearing my coat? I’ve never watched myself before. Well, I’ve watched footage of kayaking, but that’s automatically critical: head position, boat edge, hands, paddle shaft…is the roll still boat body head…and more often than not..what was I thinking taking that line?

But here, how strange to be both speaker and audience, to be a critical observer of one's own actions. Maybe technology makes talking to oneself acceptable.

The camera hands me a version of myself. Perhaps I recognize it. Perhaps, like the way it seems to distort the size of the cathedral ruins, the length of a cobbled lane, it gives back a version that is one of many.

This happens when someone reads what you’ve written. The text invents a version of the writer that the writer may not want to own or recognise. So I’m waiting for the local paper to review the book, wondering what version it will put in the public space.

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