Monday, October 13, 2014

The Ageing English teacher reflects:

The Ageing English Teacher Reflects:

When I started as a student
Close reading was the rage
And we didn’t study context
Just “the words upon the page”.
With a technical vocabulary
(I admit its learning hurt)
We debated what the poem
Or the poet might be worth.

Now the field has changed forever
Since the ideologues moved in
And leaving out the context
Has become a mortal sin.
We don’t debate the poem
Or discuss its qualities
We just look down our noses
At its ideology.

The Marxist and the Feminist
The Freudian and Queer
With hyphenated post- brigades
Bringing up the rear
Dead French men playing guru
In a prose that still appalls
While the poet and the poem
Are forgotten by them all.

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