Saturday, October 18, 2008


Still the world is wondrous large,- seven seas from marge to marge-
And it holds a vast of various kinds of man;
And the wildest dreams of Kew are the facts of Khatmandhu,
And the crimes of Clapham chaste in Martaban.

Here's my wisdom for your use, as I learned it when the moose
And the reindeer roared where Paris roars to-night: --
There are nine and sixty ways of constructing tribal lays,
And -- every -- single -- one -- of -- them -- is -- right!
Kipling. In the Neolithic age

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Marcus said...

Rudyard Kipling

She wandered down the moutain grade
Beyond the speed assigned--
A girl whom Justice often stayed
And generally fined.
She went alone, that none might know
If she could drive or steer.
Now she is in the ditch, and Oh!
The differential gear!