Sunday, April 19, 2009

The Clancy’s Sunday set list

First and last in place, everything else anywhere or not at all.

Molloy Malone
Back Home In Derry
Dirty Old Town
Follow Me Up To Carlow
As I Roved Out
Arthur McBride
The Jolly Beggar Man
Red Rose Café
The Streak Through London (martin’s up tempo version of streets)
Bright Blue Rose
The City Of Chicago
Whiskey On A Sunday
The Drunken Sailor
Mountains Of Mourne*
When You Were Sweet 16*
Spancil Hill*
The Green Fields Of France
A Pair Of Brown Eyes
Fairytale Of New York
Fields Of Athenry
Galway Shawl
The Foggy Dew
Fiddlers Green
The Good Ship Kangaroo
The Irish Rover
The Leaving Of Liverpool
The Rising Of The Moon
Galway Bay*
Ride On
The Rare Old Times
The Wild Mountain Thyme
Only Our Rivers

The Waxies Dargle
Little Musgrave
Raglan Road
The Island
Song For Ireland*
Mary Mack#
The Batchelor’s Lament#
The Band Played Waltzing Matilda#
Now I’m Easy (Sung Only If Phil’s Around)
The Town I Loved So Well*
The Bold Fenian Men (has to be quiet)
Carrickfergus (ditto)
I Don’t Like Mondays
Seven Drunken Nights*
Paddy Works On The Railroad*
Plastic Jesus*
The German Clock Winder
The Parting Glass
Tim McGuire#
Why does it have to be me#
Whip Jamboree#
Maggie May#
Leave her Johnny#

Requests Only
Danny Boy
Whiskey In The Jar
Black Velvet Band

Unique one Off
Pub was empty. How many Leonard Cohen songs can we sing from memory not including Halleluiah.

The intriguing part of this is that apart from songs marked* which are Martin’s, (Songs marked # are ones sung when he’s not there) I know the words to all of these! (And more: Sundays exerts a gentle ban on English songs.) No wonder I write the way I do if that’s what’s in my head.


Unknown said...

That's some list of songs to be able to pull to mind. Do you ever forget lines..? ;)

Liam Guilar said...

often...but that's ok...forgetting verses is more alarming, especially in the narratives...(Oh and by the way, she died, I forgot to sing that verse)... it's one step up from trying to play the song to the wrong tune...but if I tried to write down all the poems I know by heart, it would be a much much shorter list...